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Welcome to Allpar. Maybe try another battery disconnect? This time with the keys in your pocket?
I'm sure that nothing has fried and the secret 4-digit SKIM code is hard to erase by mistake.
If you can erase the 'active' P0513 fault code from memory or at least get it to be a 'stored' fault code, then the car may then start.
If the VTSS (anti-theft) security system is active, leave the car on a battery charger with the ign key in 'run' for an hour and then retry starting it.
The problem is getting your hands on an advanced enough scan tool to erase the code if you need to. Do you know anyone in the business?
It would have to be CAN-bus compatible like the Chrysler StarScan/StarMobile or WiTech scan tools (or equivalent).
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