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2005 G caravan 3.3 blinkers problems

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this problem. happen 1st time about 9 monthes ago....I try my blinker and nothing everything else works including the flashers.
And now its happening on a daily basis.
It usally occurs when I first start driving then they will stafrt working after 30 min or so,
A mech friend told me its problerly not in the blinker stalk but in the computer!
He said when you push the blinker stalk it sends a signal to the computer then the computer makes the blinker blink.
So it may cost me 200 or 300$ just to get my blinkers working right.

Is this possiable???????????????
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The column multifunction switch is a MUX input to the BCM (body control module) which buses the information to the IPM (intelligent power module) under the hood for the front turn signals. The rear turn signals are driven directly by the BCM.
The chances of computer failure wouldn't be my first guess. A bad switch or connection would be much more likely. There are no dedicated fuses or flashers.
The modules can store fault codes in order to aid the diagnosis. Don't just replace parts. A wiring diagram and meter will help you follow the wires to the point of failure. You will need to know wire colors and wire routing for tests.
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