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2005 Grand Caravan 3.3 radiator

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So how much of a pain is a radiator change in an '05 Grand Caravan. Mine has started leaking down at the bottom and it's gonna have to come out. Also, is it possible to maybe JB Weld the leak and it last? It seems to be the plastic tank on the drivers side that is leaking. Not the overflow tank, when I say tank I'm talking about the outside edge of the radiator itself.
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Replacing the radiator is involved and you would probably want a service manual for helpful pictures and procedures on how it comes apart and goes together. Check with your local library.
I doubt that JB weld would help seal a coolant leak here and if you can rule out a leaky hose or hose clamp, then a replacement radiator is the best repair. Many cheap aftermarket radiators will 'fit' a wide range of models by having you install different hose size adapters to make them work. Sometimes cheapest isn't always the best way to go. A 'direct-fit' application is the best.
Disconnect the battery and drain the cooling system.
The headlamps and radiator hood latch/top plate can be removed and placed out of the way.
The front fascia has to be unscrewed and dropped. If it is cold, don't let it hang as cold plastic may break or tear.
The A/C condenser has to be unbolted and rested forward against the bumper bar. The fan assembly can be unbolted and lifted out.
This will give you access to lifting out the radiator.
Use a fresh 50/50 HOAT/distilled or soft water mixture of antifreeze only.
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