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2005 Magnum SE check engine light and airbag light not working

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When turning the key on and observing the "bulb check" - neither of these are working. No check engine light, no ABS light. Pretty big bummer as without a working check engine light it will not pass TX emissions. If this were an older vehicle the obvious answer would be, pop the cluster out and replace the bulbs, but far as I know these are surface-mounted LED's on a circuit board, not individual little light bulbs - maybe I'm wrong on that and there are small bulbs in them similar to the climate controls, and they've simply burned out from being on forever due to faults, or a dishonest seller has popped them?

I did remove the cluster and have a look, and I don't see where anyone cut wires to hide the fact the check engine light might be on, so who knows? Any ideas?

I'm slowly getting this car together to where I think it's trustworthy; it's really not a bad car at all but has a few little hacks here and there I'm undoing.

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Thanks, I did this and saw all the normal lights come on - of course with exception of the check engine light and airbag light. The gauges went through a few steps of sweep, gave me a code of "3-61" then it said DONE. I've checked all over for this 3-61 code and all I find are people that can't find out what it is. ;)

Yeah, it does seem like the 3-61 might be a software revision or something.

I'll have to pop the cluster back out and crack it open, see what's going on inside. Admittedly I should have done that while I had it out previously but I had too many other things to get done that day. Doing the pink thingy took forever because more than a few cokes had been spilled in the shifter/console area by previous owners, so I spent way more time cleaning all that syrupy mess up than actually replacing the part. (pre-emptively put in the aluminum version before the pink one breaks)

I mentioned in my "new members" post I've been fantasizing about a 300C SRT8...well I'm fantasizing no more, it's reality! Picked this up yesterday afternoon:

I love this car!!!

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