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2005 Neon SXT - Water on Pass. floorboard

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Anybody else with this? I have owned this car since new (2005) and when we get a really heavy rain, I get a little water running down the inside of the car and puddling on the passenger side front seat floor mat. It appears to be coming from the firewall area, not sure though - and it only happens when there is a lot of rain. Also makes a " swishing" sound when the blower motor is on. Dodge dealer looked at this back when under warranty and said they could find no reason or location of the leak....? - has anyone here seen this or fixed it?
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Water can leak into the HVAC housing fresh air intake located in the wiper area (cowl plenum). This is common if the plenum side drains have plugged up with leaves or other tree debris.
The wiper arms and plastic screen come off for inspection and cleaning. A garden hose on low pressure (not forced spray) is a great water test tool since you can simulate the water leak and diagnose the actual cause.
Debris can also wash down into the HVAC chamber and plug the evaporator condensate drain that is mounted lower down on the firewall. If this plugs, water will pool up in the housing and eventually drip out. A cool draft and some wetness should be felt at the rubber spout end with the A/C on and fan on high.
Another water entry point was at the right side antenna cable grommet above the kickpanel if it somehow got dislodged.
Wet carpets can get a nasty odor. Actually the jute backing behind the carpet is what stinks and no amount of surface carpet cleaning will rid the car of the smell on a hot day with the windows rolled up. If yours has gotten to this point, you may want to pull the center console, belts, mouldings and front seats to remove the carpet and padding. I disposed of the padding on mine and washed/dried the carpet out of the car.


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