I bought this car to help finish settling an estate. The owner was in hospice and I bought it to have one less headache for her. It's a fun driver. 2.4 NA engine, 5 speed manual. It was originally on the road in Michigan as a rental for two years. The next owner bought it in 2007 and kept it until her death. The top evidently spent most of its time folded. The car was regularly maintained until her health declined and it was parked.

The body is straight and has very little rust. What there is, is surface oxidation. The drives window was loose and off track when I got it and it had allowed water to run down the door improperly and cause one spot of rust perforation. I had this cut out and new metal welded in. The car also got a partial respray on sun burnt paint. It is NOT a show car. It's just a nice driver.

It has some warts. The dash cluster went out and the replacement has 17,298 more miles than the car actually has. The odometer is reading 162,505 miles. I don't know when the timing belt was last changed. I think it has 50-60,000 miles on it. The top has several spots where it was kept folded for long periods. The inner cover of the top is sun bleached in front. The rear bump stops are rotted away (I have new ones) and the rear shocks haven't been changed yet. (I have new ones.) The replacement cluster had a slightly different part # on it and besides more miles, the BRAKE and ABS lights are lit. They were not when the old cluster was working. It does NOT have cruise control or a remote trunk release. It's not that they don't work, it's a base model and doesn't have them. You can contact my via PM, email at [email protected] or call 812-four two three-2142 evenings before 9 Central time.

Now the good stuff. New tires, brakes are in excellent shape, new struts and tie rod ends in front, the front seats did have some wear but were decent and have new covers. Even though the top has storage marks, it does not leak. Everything works like it should. I didn't use the a/c much but a slight recharge and it worked last summer. The heater works fine.

The listed price is if I take care of all the issues. I have a little wiggle room but the price will firm as I correct things. As it sits, it's a nice looking, driving and handling car. Everything it has works as it should. The hood, trunk and doors all open and close smooth with a nice solid THUNK.

It needs a good detailing but the uncured paint means that will need to wait until mid February. I have a clean and clear Indiana title in my name and at hand.

I will consider some trades. Either straight trade or trade plus cash my way. A nice Ford Panther platform car (1998-2012 Grand Marquis, Town Car etc.) or a 4 door pickup. Preferably little to no rust. No basket cases or motorcycles. My 2 wheel days are over.

The car is located in S.W. Indiana. By appointment as it is in a garage.