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2005 PT Cruiser Torbo

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I'm new to your forum so hello to all.

I have a question concering the charging system on my PT.

The cars battery went dead and the engine light came on. Car would'nt start of course so I jumped it, correctly of course and let the battery charge up a bit via the jump.

Car fired up and was able to drive it home, about 10 miles. The car would not run faster then 40 mph and would cut out if you tried.

That said I changed the altenator and engine light went out & the car ran like it should. 3 hours after completing the repair, the car was back to an engine light and running like crap.

Now the engine won't fire, it will turnover but won't start.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to Allpar. With a helper at the key, check for spark at a plug wire while cranking.
Check for fuel pressure, you may have a test fitting on the fuel rail. Have a rag handy and push in on the schraeder valve stem. You should get a good fuel spritz into the rag.
Check a spark plug tip for carbon fouling. You should be able to pull #1 without having to remove the intake manifold.
Have any fault codes come back? If the 'ck eng' light comes on, there should be a stored code.

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How about checking the voltage in your battery? It should be around 12.5 volts in order to start the car. If you didn't recharge it when you replaced the alternator, odds are that it needs it. Take it and have it load tested at your nearest Autozone, Advance or O'Reillys.
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