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2005 Ram 1500 ST - Lease purchase - first question - suggestions?

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Hello everyone,

I used to own a 99 Plymouth Voyager and found this site very useful. Now I'm back!

After much searching for a competatively priced vehicle to use for a farm truck to cut firewood and move things around our property. Man, I should have never sold my old pickup! Anyway,....

I recently purchased a 2005 Ram 1500 ST, 4.7L Flex Fuel, with automatic and 4wd. It was used as a lease vehicle, then wholesaled to a private buyer, who shined it up and sold to me. I did eyeball it closely looking for accident damage and noticed it had some touch-up paint on it. It has plenty of small dents, but runs and drives well. No evidence of leaks and the engine runs strong. Car fax showed no accidents and a clean title. Not much documentation of maintenance.

I'm planning on changing all the fluids and filters. Went to purchase a trans filter and there are many options on which one to choose; shallow versus deep pan, spin on filter....etc. Is there a way to run the VIN and determine what specific filter I need outside of purchasing from a dealer? I use RockAuto for my parts and LOVE the prices/quality, and since I live in the middle of now-where, saves me fuel to/from stores.

Is there anything I need to be aware of that could bite me in the butt with this truck? I'd rather fix it now than wait until winter.