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2005 T+C transmission problems

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Hi everyone,

I'm having a transmission problem with our 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, 3.8, 4 speed auto, 135,000 miles, transmission has been well maintained. At 10 mph, the vehicle will sometimes shudder or jerk, sometimes once, sometimes several times. Tachometer shows about 1400 RPM. This is not the one – two upshift. That will typically occur at about 15 mph. This occurs intermittently, but generally is becoming more frequent.

I'm reasonably sure this is related to the transmission, because if I keep the shifter in low, this will not happen. It will happen in drive, and I think it's a little more likely to have multiple shudders when in overdrive.

There are no powertrain codes. I pulled the transmission pan, no unusual debris or filings, I put in new filter in. I also changed the solenoid pack, it seemed like that the solenoid pack helped for about a week, but that may have been wishful thinking.

I talked to the service writer at the dealer, who was not particularly helpful, and suggested that I would end up with a transmission rebuild.

Any thoughts?


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You put in a new filter, but did you replace the fluid with new ATF+4? If not, you should have. Have you ever had the fluid and filter changed somewhere and if so, what type of fluid did they use? If Dexron with an "additive" was used, that is most likely your problem. You may have a faulty torque converter. But, I'm not a mechanic, so will leave it up to the guys here that work on them to give you better answers.
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