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Buying a non running 01 PT Cruiser for $350 appears to be an interesting gamble. If you your self make the timing belt repairs you may have a steal. If you have to have others make the repair your still better off than a $1500-$2K purchase but only if other maintenance items have been addressed by the PO.

I picked up a 01 for the wife from a bum who did not make any maintenace efforts. Altho I make the repairs it's been a fair trade off with the mileage we've gotten out it thusfar. However, I have put alot of parts into her PT battlewagon.

I have gotten bogus diagnostics from the Ft Lauderale dealer, (after the purchase), initially and have never returned. I use the vehiicles self-diagnostics and the local parts shops which now offer OBD2 scanners for free hoping you'll buy parts from them and have done well ro keep the battlewagon running.

The rebuild advice from IC is good. Pay special attention to the crankpulley removal if you've never done the operation before.

Good luck with your repairs.

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