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2006 2.2 CRD, Auxillary Belt Tensioner Bolt Snapped

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About 6 weeks ago my auxiliary belt snapped (it had been screaming on start up and finally went). I had it replaced and it worked for around 4 weeks and then popped off.

Investigation proved it to be the pin on the belt tensioner had snapped off leaving the treaded end in the engine..

I had to have the engine dropped just to replace it as there is little room in there. I hate to think how much a main dealer would have charged but I found a mate of a mate of a mate who did them and it cost me £200 (plus £40 for a new alternator clutch pulley which could have caused the problem in the first place, I'm told).

Anyway this guy said he had lost count of how many he has done.

Anyone else ever had this?