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2006 charger se six cylinder hesitates and stalls after refueling

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Car ran fine until I stopped for fuel....fueled up slowly....after starting engine idled very low and stalled.
Restarted and it idled slow again, tried to give gas and no response. engine stalled again...restarted and got a way down the road to a stop light and it stalled again...after starting it seemed to run fine. Drove about 20 miles with no problems...engine trouble lights did not come on at all.
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Also related to the EVAP hydrocarbon vapor recovery system, there is an ORVR (onboard refueling vapor recovery) system that seems to be venting raw liquid fuel into the intake manifold making it run rich and caused your symptoms.
This could be from a fuel-flooded charcoal canister or vapor management lines. See your underhood emissions label for a vapor vacuum hose and component routing map from the fuel filler tube in back to the purge solenoid up front.
If the charcoal canister is flooded from an overfilled tank or being parked on a steep incline or from volitile, high-ethanol content fuel or an evap/vent component failure, you may be able to diagnose the problem yourself if it continues to be an issue. Otherwise I would seek dealer assistance for the problem.
Here is an overview on the HC emission control systems common to all cars. The ORVR system starts at 2:50. What is probably happening to your car starts at 5:00 when the engine is started and vapors or liquid fuel is being drawn into the engine.
The system should keep the mixture to be burned in the engine at a level that won't cause anything near a stalling or rough idle condition and certainly no liquid fuel should be in the evaporative plumbing.
Edit: There is a TSB for early fuel filler nozzle shut-off and fuel spit-back, but it does not mention any engine driveability issues.
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