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2006 Chrysler Town & Country Limited questions

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I recently had to put air in a couple of the tires on my 2006 Town & Country Limited.
The light on the overhead console came on so I added air. I would like to know how
to make the light.go out. I thought it would have gone out when I added air.
Also in a somewhat related question, when I get new tires, is there any way to disable
this system? I consider it to be something I would be better off without,
Lastly how easy/hard would it be to find 4 steel wheels with wheel covers for the van?
It has chrome clad aluminum wheels which I really don't like either. I would much rather
have steel wheels. The wheels aare 16 inch
Thanks in advance for your help
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The 'low tire pressure' light should go out after driving for a few minutes. It doesn't give instant pressure readings. Read your owners manual for more information.
It is considered 'safety equipment' and can't be disabled if your van came with it.
Call around to some salvage yards for steel wheels and covers. They should be able to come up with a set.
I don't know if the TPM tire valve stems can be transferred between the aluminum to steel wheels.
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