To settle a U.S. government investigation, Chrysler will provide a lifetime warranty on nearly 154,000 2006 model year V8-powered Chrysler 300Cs, Dodge Chargers, and Dodge Magnums. This will settle an investigation based on almost 300 reports of stalling at a stop or at low speeds.  The NHTSA said that the problem was not a serious safety risk, and that the solution was good enough because the cars can be immediately restarted.

The problem stems from fuel shutoff floats in the gas tanks, which can stick in the open position, causing a stall after refueling in some cases involving certain fuels. Stant, the supplier, redesigned the floats, and both Chrysler and Stant provided the new warranty. The tanks were used in both 5.7 and 6.1 Hemi cars, but not in V6 models.