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2006 Pt Cruiser pcm help!

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Hi guys, I recently acquired a 06 pt and right off the bat I knew the battery light wasn't going to be a dead battery nor alternator. Needless to say, I found over a year old paperwork from a shop saying the pcm was bad. I tried my luck with a duralast preprogrammed pcm and wouldn't even test so I sent it back and installed the original. After that, I bought a dorman tipm and that didn't fix the errors which have changed from a battery light to p0700 and p0882. Just to rule out the tipm completely I installed a junkyard tipm. Same result. Now back to pcm's. I reached out to Myckee and have yet to get a response back. Unfortunately, I dont have time to wait. My question....where else can I go to get a pcm that is reputable? Thank you in advance....Tim
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I understand that it could be numerous possibilities. But, a shop has already has diagnosed it with a bad pcm. I just need a reputable person or company that do remans. Unfortunately, time is not on my side.
Not exactly, the original pcm started with a battery fault that migrated to a transaxle fault. The car remained in limp mode after installation of new pcm. I couldnt get any code readings on new pcm due to "loading error" at obd and was redeemed bad from stock. So, old pcm reinstalled and new returned back to autozone. I googled Mopar R503444AE and didn't find anything. Everything points to a bad pcm and even a shop diagnosis. Thank you
I reached out to him. I haven't gotten a response back. Hoping someone can help me out.
I sent a message to Myckee but gotten a response back. Thank you Imperialcrown, I do want to get second opinion on the diagnosis before changing the part. I just wished there was a test just to check the pcm for proper functioning.
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It should be noted that I did clean up the grounds and removed painted surface from fender. Added dielectric grease to attaching points also. No corrosion was found and problem didn't change. Also, battery sits at 12.5+ volts and 14.25+ while running.
If you determine that the PCM is definitely bad, I have had good luck with Auto Computer Exchange on eBay. They will flash the replacement based on your VIN and if there is a problem will send another one.

Thank you, I'm going to set an appointment today to get a confirmation. Hopefully, this will be the end all the problems.
I appreciate that, I have an appointment on Monday to get a second opinion.
I noticed that he didn't quickly respond in a different thread. I understand totally. I'm constantly busy with home life and work. I'm older now and learned patience is the key for success.
Sweet, I'll look into this today. Ty!
Thank you, I appreciate everything. I did send the car back to a shop for a second opinion. I dont expect the results to change though. Only time will tell. I'll be back with an update soon.
Hi Tim, Chuzz sent me a private message, so I received the email alert. However, you posted on my profile. I am not alerted when there is a profile post. This forum is weird and calls private messages a "conversation" and nobody understands what that is the first time. Anyway I have send you a "conversation" and am awaiting a reply.

Sent back a reply, thank you Mike for reaching out.
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Update..... I was able to get a hold of myckee and he sent me out a pcm for my car. 20 minute install and the car runs fantastic. I highly recommend him. Big thanks goes out to Myckee!!!
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