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2006 Pt Cruiser pcm help!

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Hi guys, I recently acquired a 06 pt and right off the bat I knew the battery light wasn't going to be a dead battery nor alternator. Needless to say, I found over a year old paperwork from a shop saying the pcm was bad. I tried my luck with a duralast preprogrammed pcm and wouldn't even test so I sent it back and installed the original. After that, I bought a dorman tipm and that didn't fix the errors which have changed from a battery light to p0700 and p0882. Just to rule out the tipm completely I installed a junkyard tipm. Same result. Now back to pcm's. I reached out to Myckee and have yet to get a response back. Unfortunately, I dont have time to wait. My question....where else can I go to get a pcm that is reputable? Thank you in advance....Tim
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If you determine that the PCM is definitely bad, I have had good luck with Auto Computer Exchange on eBay. They will flash the replacement based on your VIN and if there is a problem will send another one.
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