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I have heard much about after-market performance chip/module upgrades. There are so many choices. Are they worth it? Which ones are best and require the least amount of modification to install? I don't need a hot-rod, just looking for some reasonably inexpensive means to increase power and/or MPG's without performing major surgery on the truck or screwing up reliability. Other than occasionally pulling a boat, the truck is mostly a daily city driver. Thanks for any input or experiences.
The easiest thing to increase fuel mileage is with your right foot and it's free.

There are performance chips out there - SuperChips and Bulldog are among those I can think of - but they only increase power (not fuel mileage) and typically require using premium (92-93+ octane).

As Bob posted - TANSTAAFL.

Since you're not hot rodding it and it's your daily driver, my advice is to just leave well enough alone. 345 hp (I have an '06 as well - see sig) is enough for me. If I wanted more, I'd trade mine in for a SRT8 Charger or Challenger (if I could afford it.....hehehehe).

But it is your truck, do as you please. It's just not something I would entertain doing.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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