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2007-2008 Chrysler Pacifica: A Very Brief Second Generation

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2007-2008 Chrysler Pacifica: A Very Brief Second Generation

Original Chrysler Pacifica

An odd mix of cost-cutting coupled with a more powerful 4.0-liter V-6 engine and six-speed transmission were the basics of the first and only Chrysler Pacifica crossover update. The new powertrain had better gas mileage and acceleration, and the crossover gained stability control and a price cut. (A 3.8 liter engine was sold on base models.)

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New Chrysler Pacifica standard safety features were all-row side curtain air bags and stability control (the latter included throttle-by-wire). An optional rear back up camera was added, as well. The new Pacifica gained a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for front- and side-impact, and four stars (the highest rating of vehicles tested in its class) for roll-over.

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Other options included heated first- and second-row leather seats, dual-zone temperature controls, hands-free communication, and satellite radio.

At the time, the typical Pacifica consumer was a married woman between thirty-five and fifty years old, with a college degree, an average annual household income of $85,000, and children over the age of 10.

The Chrysler Pacifica had easy step-across entry and exit and chair-height seats. The 2007 models brought a two-tone instrument panel and two-tone door trim, revised gauge graphics, and five- or six-passenger seating.

The new 4.0-liter SOHC V-6 engine had a long stroke for low-end torque; it was rated at 255 hp @ 6000 rpm and 265 lb. ft. of torque @ 4200 rpm, higher than the 3.5-liter V-6 engine use earlier.

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Engineers worked on cutting vibration at the mounts, radiated noise, crank shaft torsionals, and induction snorkel noise, resulting in new main bearing diameters, lower-reciprocating-mass piston-and-rod assemblies, a better block and oil pan structure, reduced bearing clearance, and a low-rumble intake manifold. An equal-length dual exhaust, dropped in at the end of the 2006 model year, was essentially the same as the single exhaust from the rear wheels forward, though it did have twin mufflers.

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Other changes included:

  • Modified powertrain mount cradle assembly with new mounts
  • Larger halfshafts
  • New accessory drive package
  • New electronically controlled clutch on all-wheel-drive models
  • Modified engine cooling system
  • New front bearings
  • New power transfer unit mounting structure and input shaft

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chrysler pacifica Steering wheel

The new six-speed automatic transmission was standard on all Pacificas with 4.0-liter V-6 engines.

Steve-577 asked BorgWarner if the new all wheel drive system sends torque to the rear wheels at a standing start before there is wheel spin at the front wheels, or after. It turns out that yes, it does send torque sent to the rear wheels
before the front wheels spin, under hard throttle. At highway speeds, the system disengages.

A Borg-Warner rep wrote: "The AWD system on the 2007 Pacifica all wheel drive uses information
from the steering wheel, throttle, and wheel speeds, to determine the
optimal system response to match driver desired vehicle behavior. It
will update this system response many times per second. At low speed, sudden changes in amount of throttle applied can facilitate
prompt system activation - in amounts determined by all of the underlying
parameters. The amount of torque transferred is continuously variable,
is of no set value and, if needed, can go to the maximum allowable torque
specified by Chrysler."

Meeting the new Pacifica

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We met the Pacifica at a press event. Outside, the Pacifica resembled the new Aspen and Sebring, with their ribbed hoods (those are speed grooves, in case you were wondering; six concave, one convex), rounded-trapezoid grille, chrome, and front-end lines. Inside, they could hardly be more different, with interiors that appeared to have been designed by three different companies with different cultures.

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The Pacifica looks much as it did inside, with a large black driver pod and a two-tone passenger pod; there was light woodgrain on the wheel, with strips on the dash and door. Care was taken to provide an unobstructed 180° view from the driver, for a light, spacious feel. The Pacifica started at $25,000 and go on up to about $36,000, well priced in the field.


valiant67 noted that those with the Mopar Keyless Entry Module (part number 04883257, known as EVS II) can change their own alarm settings (proceed at your own risk):

1) Unplug the harnesses from the EVS module.
2) Remove the 4 phillips screws from the bottom of the housing.
3) Carefully separate the halves of the housing so as not to disturb the circuit boards.

You should see 4 switches, Sw1 - Sw 4.
Chirping on - Sw 1 On
Chirping off - Sw 1 Off

Full automatic arming - Sw 2 On, Sw 3 On
Auto starter lockout only - Sw 32 Off, Sw 3 Off
manual arming only - Sw 2 On, Sw 3 Off

Instant trigger - Sw 4 On
Delayed (15 sec) trigger - Sw 4 Off

4) Once configured, reassemble the module and plug the harnesses in.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica model lineup

2007 Chrysler Pacifica models

Vehicle Car Car seat Head restraint Minivan

The base 2007 Pacifica model in front wheel drive included a 3.8-liter V-6 engine with 205 horsepower and 235 lb. ft. of torque, four-speed automatic transmission with Auto Stick, 2+3 five-passenger seating, rear 65/35 split folding bench seat, stain resistant cloth seating, all-row side-curtain air bags, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, Brake Assist, traction and stability control, driver-side knee-bag, sunscreen glass, rear defroster, power heated fold-away mirrors, Sentry Key®, dual-zone air conditioning, rear window wiper/washer, power locks and windows, one-touch up front door glass, power eight-way driver seat and four-way front passenger seat, tire pressure monitoring system, cruise, Infinity CD player, steering wheel audio controls, 140 amp alternator, load leveling and height control, tilt steering, and 17-inch steel wheels. Optionals included leather, power ten-way driver seat, back-up sensors, video player, and heated front seats.

The AWD model added the 4.0 engine and six-speed transmission, bumped the alternator to 160 amps, and used 17-inch aluminum wheels.

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The Touring model took the FWD specs and added six-passenger seating, sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors, dual-zone automatic temperature control with a filter, trip computer, interior light package, leather-wrapped steering wheel, garage door opener, power ten-way driver seat, and body color door handles. Additional options, including HID headlights, power adjustable pedals a better stereo, backup camera, navigation, and heated second row seats, were available, and wheels went up to 19 inches.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica Limited

The Limited built on the Touring with the backup sensors, leather first and second row bucket seats, various trim upgrades, power heated fold away dimming side mirrors, heated first- and second-row seats, driver memory, fog lamps, body color fascias and moldings, 19-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels, power adjustable pedals, power liftgate, six-disc in-dash CD/DVD changer, video/DVD radio, power moonroof, and premium tire pressure monitoring system.

Automotive exterior Vehicle Auto part Car Vehicle door

2007 colors were Modern Blue Pearl, Marine Blue Pearl, Magnesium Pearl, Inferno Red Tinted Pearl, Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Stone White Clear Coat, Cognac Crystal Pearl, Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl and Linen Gold Metallic Pearl.

The 2007 Chrysler Pacifica was assembled among the minivans at the Windsor Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Engines were made in Trenton, Michigan. The six-speed automatic transmission was made in Kokomo, Indiana.

Pacifica features and specifications, in-depth

Base engine, base model: 3.8 liter, 200 bhp (152 kW) @ 5,000 rpm (56.6 bhp/L), 235 lb. ft. (318 N•m) @ 4,000 rpm, regular gas, EPA estimated 18/25 mpg. Coupled to variable line pressure four-speed automatic, gear ratios 2.84, 1.57, 1.00, 0.69; reverse, 2.21; final drive ratio: 3.89; overall top gear ratio: 2.68

Other engine: 4.0 liter, three-Plenum intake manifold operated with electronically controlled manifold tuning, valve and short-runner valves,
SOHC, 24 valves, hydraulic, center-pivot roller rocker arms, sand-cast aluminum block with cast in iron liners and cast-aluminum heads, 10.2:1 compression ratio!, 255 bhp (190 kW) @ 6,000 rpm (63.75 bhp/L), 265 lb. ft. (359 N•m) @ 4,200 rpm, redline 6,200 rpm, 89 octane, gas mileage TBD. Max trailer tow, 3,500 lb. Coupled to six-speed automatic.

Gear ratios: 4.12, 2.84, 2.28, 1.45, 1.00, 0.69. Reverse: 3.31. Final Drive Ratio (transfer and differential): 3.26. Overall Top Gear: 2.24.

All wheel drive: Electronically activated center differential; torque split, F/R, Variable: 0-90 percent; open rear differential (the electronically activated differential replaces a viscous coupling used in the prior generation, which itself replaced a mechanical system used in past Chrysler AWD systems.) Thanks to Steve and Bob Sheaves for clearing this up.

Alternator: 140 amp (base model), 160 amp (other models); 500 CCA, Group 34 battery.

All dimensions are in inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted.
The information shown here is preliminary and based on data available at the time of publication.

Dimensions and Capacities

Wheelbase 116.3 (2954)

Track, Front and Rear

66.0 (1676)

Length x Width x Height

198.5 x 79.3 x 68.3

Cargo Floor Height

28.6 (726)

Ground Clearance

5.9 (149)

Curb Weight

4,337 lb -base FWD
4,511 lb-base AWD
4,388 lb-Touring FWD
4,549 lb- Limited FWD
4,720 lb- Limited AWD

Weight dist., F/R


Frontal Area, Draft

30.82 sq. ft.; cD = 0.352

Fuel Tank Capacity

23 gallon (87L)

Accommodations - Base Model

(w/o sunroof)

39.2 / 40.5 / 39.5

Leg room

40.9 / 40.4

Shoulder room

60.8 / 60.4

Volume index

56.5 cf front / 57.2 cf. rear

Total Volume Index

113.7 cu. ft. (3.22 cu. m) rear

Cargo, all seats folded

92.7 cu. ft. (2.62 cu. m)

Accommodations - other models

Head room
(without moon roof)

39.2 (996) front /
40.0 middle / 35.4 rear

Leg room

40.9 / 39.9 / 29.9

Shoulder room

60.8 / 60.5 / 58.0

Hip room

55.1 / 56.3 / 41.9

Seat travel

8.2 / 3.9 middle / none

Volume index

56.2 cu. ft.front /
55.0 cu. ft. middle /
32.7 cu. ft. rear

Rear Knee clearance

Middle: 2.9 / rear: -3.5/-0.1

Total Volume Index

143.9 cu. ft

Cargo Volume Indexes

43.6 cu. ft aft of second row
13.0 cu. ft. aft of third row
79.5 cu. ft. (all seats folded)

Body construction: Unitized steel body with rubber-isolated front and rear suspension cradles, manual liftgate with temperature compensated gas props-standard; power liftgate-optional

Front suspension: Iso struts with integral gas-charged shock absorbers, coil springs, asymmetrical lower control arms, link-type stabilizer bar and urethane jounce bumpers

Rear suspension: Five-link independent with coil springs, link-type stabilizer bar and gas-charged, self-leveling shock absorbers

Steering: variable-assist rack and pinion with 39.8 foot turning diameter.

Tires: Goodrich Traction T/A P235/65R17, 721 revs/mile on standard and Touring; Michelin Pilot HXMXM4 P235/55H19 on Limited (optional on touring), 719 revs/mile.

Wheels: base model FWD, steel; base model AWD and Touring (optional on base FWD, aluminum; optional on touring, chrome-clad aluminum (all 17 x 7.5); optional on touring and stan dard on Limimted, chrome-clad aluminum 19 x 7.5.

Front brakes: 12.5 x 1.1 (318 x 28) vented disc with 1.88 (48) diameter two-piston sliding caliper; 260 square inch swept area. Rear brakes: 12.25 x 0.55 (312 x 14) disc with 1.65 (42) diameter single-piston caliper; 189 square inch swept area. Power assist: Tandem diaphragm vacuum.

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