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I have a 07 jeep with the mercedes diesel.This past monday the check engine light came on and the jeep was very low on power.Took it to the dealer and was told that the intake runners were all sludged up and that repairs,including parts and labour would be roughly 4000.00!!!! I ahd no choice but to let them repair it.My question is,does anyone know of a good fuel additive that can be put in to help stop this from happening again.It has 60,000 miles on it,and is driven on the highway 3-4 times per week.The dealer says the cause of this problem is the engine not getting warm enough and also me using inferior diesel fuel.Is there any truth to either of these??Driving it on the highway should get it plenty hot enough.Some have suggested additives from Lucas,but i would like some more input before i add anything to the fuel.

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Welcome to Allpar. What was the fault code?
ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) is a must for these engines as is the special HDEO engine oil. The owners manual should tell you what specs and classifications to look for.
Fuel related soot and carbon build-up is a problem for any turbo-diesel. Mercedes-Benz builds complex and expensive machines, but the Ram Cummins diesels have the same issues.
There are turbocharger cleaning chemicals and procedures that technicians use at the dealer to head off major upper engine work.
You might consider this 'cleaning' a periodic service. There is a PCM software update to improve cold and warm hard starting. It may already have this flash. You always want the latest and greatest software installed.
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