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My van has manual heating and AC, driver and passenger zones, plus rear heat and AC. The driver's temperature control was not outputting blended air, only unheated air or maximum temperature air. Moving the driver's side heat control slider from cool to hot had no affect on the air temperature.. Only when the slider reached the far right of the temperature control did it output full heat. If the slider was moved just a small amount to the left (toward cool), the output was immediately unheated air.

To resolve the problem, I replaced the driver's blend door actuator. I tested the actuator before installing it to see if it moved when the slider position changed, and it did. Once installed, I then successfully ran the calibration routine. With the replacement actuator, the drivers side now puts out warm air at the far right maximum heat setting. Like before, moving the slider just a bit toward the cool setting results in unheated air. The passenger side still works correctly.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Could the issue be driver's side temperature slider in the dash? Would cleaning it with contact cleaner be something worth trying?
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