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My 2007 Sebring with the 2.4 4 cyl engine and 88000 miles is making a noise that seems to be coming from the front of the motor. Form the engine compartment, it sounds mre like a scratching/metallic sound that sometimes produces a rattle sound, and from the cabin it sould more like a whine (similar to a supercharger). Other symptoms/information:

It changes with the RPM of the motor.
It is there as soon as the motor starts, and intensifies slightly.
The car is not overheating.
Air conditioning works fine.
Power steering fluid is full and steering is fine.
There has been no change in performance.
No change in fuel mileage (averages 29 mpg).
No burning bearing or belt smells.
It has developed over the last 10000 miles or so.

I think it may be the water pump or air pump (on the top front of motor, if that's what it is) but would like some experience from experts before I start replacing things. Do the idlers have bearings? Anybody else had this issue?


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This is in the wrong section. But anyway, Does the noise get worse when you put it in drive or reverse?
I ask this because I have seen a common problem with the alternator. Confirm this with a stepthescope and if it is the alternator then replace with a mopar one. I used aftermarket ones in the past and not even a year and it fails again.

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There is a J: Sebring/Avenger section, but this is a General Tech section and your topic should be OK here.
It does sound like something belt-driven is making the noise by your description. If you remove the serp belt and briefly start and run the engine and the noise is gone, check each drive pulley and idler bearing by spinning it by hand and listening/feeling for a 'roughness' that would 'whirr' if it was spinning faster. A long screwdriver with the handle to the ear can be a good stethoscope.
It sounds like an accessory drive or idler bearing is failing. Alternators with the over-running clutch pulley are common noise sources, as mentioned.
I don't know your level of expertise or metric tool inventory, but you may want to get a service manual in your hands first before continuing on with the service.
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