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2008-2014 Dodge Challenger car specifications

Updated to include 2011+ cars thanks to oh2o

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Wheel Font

Engines (except Challenger R/T Classic car)

The Challenger SRT8 used a 6.1 liter Hemi from 2008-2010, and a 6.4 liter 392 Hemi from 2011 on. The Challenger R/T always used a 5.7 liter Hemi; the Challenger SE, a V6 (3.5 liters until 2010, and 3.6 liters from 2011 onwards.) Also see: Hemi enginesPentastar V6 engines3.5 liter "LH" V6 engines

C/R Horsepower
(kW) @ rpm
lb-ft (Nm)
mpg (EPA)Min.
Pref. OctaneRedline
SRT-8 (<2010)10.3:1425 (317)
@ 6200
420 (569)
@ 4800
14/22 M
13/19 A
392 SRT8 (2011+)10.9:1470 (351) @ 6,000470 (637) @ 4,20014/23 M
14/22 A
R/T manual (2009-10)10.5:1375 (280)
@ 5,800
404 (548)
@ 4,200
R/T auto (2009-10)10.5:1370 (276)
398 (540)
SE (2009-10)10.0:1250 (186)
@ 6,400
250 (339)
@ 3,800
R/T manual (2011+)10.5376 (280) @ 5,150410 (555) @ 4,30015/2487895,800
R/T auto (2011+)10.5372 (277) @ 5,200400 (542) @ 4,40016/2587895,800
SE (2011+)10.2305 (227) @ 6,350268 (363) @ 4,80018/2787876,400
392 Hemi details

The 392 Hemi takes 5W-40 synthetic oil, an unusual requirement. It has pushrod-activated overhead valves (sodium filled exhaust, hollow-stem intake), with 16 conventional hydraulic lifters using roller tips. Fuel injection is returnless; the automatic cuts the fuel supply when coasting when certain conditions are met. The block is a deep-skirt, cast iron design with cross-bolted main bearing caps and aluminum alloy heads. Oil capacity is 7 quarts, coolant is 14 quarts; bore and stroke is 4.09 x 3.72 inches.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

Charger SRT81970 Dodge
0-60 low 5 seconds (G1)low 5 secondsn/a

425/420 (G1)
470/470 (G2)

Mileage13/18 (G1) n/a
Weight4,140 (G1)
4,170 (G2)
3,800 (V6) - 4,031 (V8)
Weight distribution55.6/44.453/47 (V6), 54/46 (V8)
Interior volume93.9 c.f.104 cubic feet (120.2 EPA)
Cargo volume16.2 c.f.16.2 cubic feet (460L)
Front head room39.5 (1004)38.7 (983)37.4
Front leg room42.041.842.3
Front shoulder room58.259.358.1
Front hip room54.756.2
Seat travel270mm/220mm10.6 driver, 8.7 passenger
Rear head room37.436.235.6
Rear leg room32.640.230.9
Rear knee clearance1.24.5
Rear shoulder room53.957.656.8
Rear hip room51.455.5

Product Machine Machine tool Auto part Engine

Competitive comparison: Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang

Is the Challenger really too heavy, as some say?

2010 figuresWeight
Challenger (SE/SRT8)3,7204,132*116197.775.7 16.2 c.f.


3,4533,60510718873.983.3 c.f.13.4 c.f.
Camaro 3,7803,84911219075.591.5 c.f. 11.3 c.f.
2012 Lexus GS3503,795n/a112190.772.4
2012 Mercedes E3503,825?113191.773.0

Thanks to cd36. * R/T model weighs 4,041 pounds.

Gearing / transmissions

Gear Ratios
5th 0.830.74
6th 0.50
Final3.643.063.73 (18-inch wheels, no LSD)
3.91-3.92 (20-inch wheels or LSD)

The five speed automatic was used on all engines starting in 2011. The four speed automatic was used only with the V6 in 2009. The six speed manual was used on R/T and SRT8 models, and was a Tremec TR-6060 with ZF-Sachs 240mm twin-disc clutch. It had a triple cone synchronizer design in first and second gears, with double cones in higher gears; it used 1-4 skip shift and reverse inhibit solenoids. Gear ratios did not change from 2010 to 2011.

Suspension specifications, 2011+
StandardPerformance Super Track PackSRT
Comes with...Challenger SESE with Super Sport Group
Challenger R/T (standard)
R/T optionSRT8
Front stabilizer bar27 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm
Front shock rate240 lb/in340 lb/in340 lb/in hi-po?
Rear stabilizer bar16 mm20 mm20 mm16 mm link type
Rear shock rate547 lb/in670 lb/in670 lb-in hi-po?

Front suspension is independent short-long arm with high upper A arm, coil springs over gas charged monotube shock absorbers and solid stabilizer bar with lateral and diagonal lower links with dual ball joint knuckles.

Rear suspension is a five link independent design with coil springs, gas charged monotube shocks, solid stabilizer bar, and isolated suspension cradle.

Starting in 2011, electro-hydraulic power steering was used on SE and R/T models (SRT8 remained hydraulic.) SRT8 used Bilstein shocks, front and rear.

Other specs. For the sake of convenience, the 2008-2010 Challengers are referred to in this chart as G1, while 2011 and newer are referred to as G2.

Item (inches) SE (G1) SE (G2) R/T (G1)R/T (G2) SRT8 (G1)SRT8 (G2)
CdA (small /
big wheels)
8.86 9.21
9.01 not listed
Weight3,720 lb
1,688 kg
1,735 kg
4,041 lb
1833 kg
1,852 kg
4,170 lb
1892 kg
4,160 auto
4,170 manual
Weight Dist.53.5/46.552.4/47.654.7/45.354.3/45.755.6/44.454.4/45.6 (a)
54.6/45.4 (m)
Fuel Capacity18 gal19.119 gal19.119 gal19 gallons
ExhaustSingle Dual DualDual
Turning circle37.5 (11.5)38.138.9 (11.9)38.138.937.5
Standard tiresP215/65R17
GY Integrity*
Michelin MXM4
Goodyear RSA
Standard wheels17 x 7.0
18 x 7.5
Cast Aluminum
20 x 9.0
Forged Alum.
Front rotor
(all vented)
12.6 x 1.1same 13.6 x 1.113.6 x 1.26 14.2 x 1.26
Front caliper2.36 single piston1.65 dual piston1.73 Brembosame
Front swept area254.8 sq in259292 sq in249351 sq insame
Rear rotor12.6 x .4same12.6 x .413.6 x 1.2613.8 x 1.10 ventedsame
Rear caliper1.651.651.651.651.26 Brembosame
Rear swept area260.4 sq in264260.4 sq in264316 sq insame
Ground clearance 5.16 (131.2) 5.06 (128.7)4.8 (122.2)4.8 (122.2)

* Get the popular equipment package so you can upgrade to the optional Continental ProContact!

The 2012 (probably 2011-14) Performance Brake Package, according to "oingoboingo," was standard on any Charger with the 5.7 Hemi, and included with the Rallye Appearance Group and Blacktop Package on SXT and SXT Plus (RWD) cars. The vented front rotors were 13.6 x 1.26 with dual-piston sliding calipers (aluminum housings). In back, they used 12.6 x 0.87 inch vented rotors in a single-piston sliding caliper with an aluminum housing.

Other specifications (Inches (mm) unless otherwise specified)

Specs that changed in 2011:

Car specification2008-20102011 and newer
Steering ratio, turns lock to lock16.1:1, 2.7514.4:1, 2.75
Frontal area (SRT8 only)25.3 sq ft (2.35 m2)25.6 square feet

Frontal area and drag coefficient are a bit complex:

Car specification17-18" wheels*20" wheelsAll
2009-2010 Challenger SE 0.350
2011+ Challenger SE0.3600.372
2009-10 Challenger R/T0.3500.355
2011+ Challenger R/T0.3480.360
2008-10 SRT8 0.353
2011+ SRT8 0.356

* 17 inch wheels were not used in 2011 or beyond

Specifications that did not change by model or by year:

Car specificationDodge Challengers SE thru SRT8, 2008-?
Wheelbase116 (2946)
Track, F/R63/63.1 (1603/1604)
Length x width 197.7 (5023) x 75.7 (1923)
Height57.1 (1449)
Headroom, F/R39.3 / 37.4
Legroom, F/R42.0 / 32.6
Shoulder room, F/R58.2 / 53.9
Hip room, F/R54.6 / 48.6
Seat travelDriver, 10.6 (270);
Passenger, 8.7 (220)
SAE front/rear
volume index
55.8 cubic ft (1.58 cu.m.) /
38.1 cubic ft (1.08 cu.m)
Interior volume, EPA index91.5 cubic ft (2.59 cu. m.), 107.7 cubic ft (3.05 c.m.)
SAE cargo volume16.2 cubic ft (0.459 c.m.)
Trunk liftover height33.0 (839)
Battery and alternator625 CCA, 160 amp
(2011+ SRT8: 730 CCA, 220 amp)
2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 factory invoice

Factory invoice...

Text Font Line Number Document

  • FWP= "Factory Wholesale Price."
  • HB= 1239.00 (Holdback, 3% of MSRP (before Destination) back to dealer)
  • FFP= 39,627.00 (Family & Friends Program, 1% below invoice)
  • EP= 38,237.00 (Employee Price, about 5% below invoice)

Thus, the dealer actually pays considerably less than the $40,027 "wholesale price" for the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 car. Dealers usually pay less than the wholesale price minus the holdback (in this case, $40,027 - $1,239 = $38,788), with an advertising reimbursement and supplemental floorplan reimbursement. That profit is reduced or eliminated by financing charges on stored cars, insurance, commissions and salaries, advertising, etc.

Safety and security - 2009 Dodge Challenger series

  • All-speed traction control senses wheel slip and applies brakes to slipping wheels; reduces excess engine torque until traction is regained
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): advanced ABS modulates the four brakes individually for optimum control and stopping performance
  • Brake assist: In a panic brake condition, the system applies maximum braking power, providing the shortest possible stopping distance
  • Enhanced Accident Response System (EARS): Makes it easier for emergency personnel to see and reach occupants in the event of an accident by turning on interior lights and unlocking doors after air-bag deployment. Also shuts off the flow of fuel to the engine
  • High-intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps: around three times the light output of standard lamps
  • Knee bolsters: The lower instrument panel and the glove-box door position the occupant, enabling air bags to work more effectively
  • Sentry Key® engine immobilizer: the engine key has an embedded transponder with a security code. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the controller sends a random number to the transponder and the engine is allowed to start. If an incorrect key is used, the engine will shut off after only a few seconds.
Some key suppliers to the 2008-09 Dodge Challengers

Air bagsTakata, TRW
AM/FM six-disc DVD/MP3 radioAlpine
Navigation systemHarmon Becker
Speakers Base - Panasonic, Foster
Premium - Boston Acoustics®
SRT8® - Stillwater
Brake calipers Bosch (SRT8 - Brembo)
ConsoleCollins & Aikman
Cooling moduleValeo
Door trim Intier
Hard trim Collins & Aikman
Drive shaftRotorion
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)Continental Teves
Exhaust system Eberspaecher North America
Fascia Rimply
Backlight, door glass, windshieldPPG
Quarter glassMagna Donnelly
Half shaftDelphi
HeadlampsSL America
Instrument clusterSiemens
Mirrors - ExteriorLowell Engineering
MyGIG™ EntertainmentHarmon Becker
Overhead systemJCI
Satellite radio serviceSIRIUS®
Seat beltsTakata
Shock absorberZF Sachs (SRT8 - Bilstein)
Steering wheel KS Centoco
Sun roofInalfa
Suspension moduleBenteler
TaillampsShanghai Koito
Tires Goodyear, Michelin, Continental
Wheels - AluminumAlcoa, Superior
Wheels - SteelMeritor

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