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2008 Base PT Cruiser, Bad hesitation, No Codes, Please Help!

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Hi all,
Please excuse me for posting this here and the PT forum.
I have a 2008 PT Cruiser with 50,000 miles on it. 3 weeks ago I was driving it very low on gas when the Check Engine light came on and the car started bucking. AS long as I kept minimum pressure on the gas pedal, it was fine, but if I gave it just a bit more, it would buck. I pulled off the Northway, got gas and it was fine. I figured I was either just about to run out of gas or i partially clogged an injector, But I'm no mechanic. I put in some STP gas treatment and crossed my fingers. The check engine light went out in a couple of days.

It happened again a week later after I had just gassed it up. This time I was close to home. I pulled in the driveway, went to my trusty computer and this forum and found the info on getting the codes. I did the On / off / on / off / on thang and it did the self check and went to....... DONE. No code. I drove it around the block and it was fine.

This week I've had to do a lot of driving down to Albany for some hospital tests, and it's done it several times. Each time I shut off the motor, pulled the key and then restarted it and it was fine. So I'm stumped. It seems to me to be something in the computer?? Or I don't know.

The car's history is that it's a former lease car bought at 35,500 miles last year. They said it had it's 30K tuneup, but I don't know for sure. Still, bad plugs and wires, or a clogged gas filter or injector won't reset when you turn the key off and on, will they??

Any thoughts would be appreciated. If you search my user name you'll see I always seem to come up with this weird stuff!!!!

Thanx!! JP
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Thanx for the replies!!
Would a bad fuel pump reset itself by me stopping, shutting off the motor, and then restarting??
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