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2008 GC SXT rear AC not working

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My buddy has a 2008 grand caravan SXT 4.0L and the rear ac only blows warm air the front left and right sides both work fine the rear blower blows fine but no cold air the compressor runs constantly and does not cycle and when I hook up my guages the pressures are 40 on low side and 375 on high side with outside temp at 90 degrees and 72 percent realitive humidity so everything in that aspect seems ok (as compared to my 96 GC) I was wondering if there is a heat-cooling door that isnt working or if there is something that restricts flow of the refrigerant to the rear evaporator or if there is an electrical problem im just not that familiar with the newer vans on how they work so if someone could point me in the right direction I would sure appriciate it thank you Mark
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even after aa long drive it still doesnt work? my 2000 DGC has rear air and the air ducts get so hot from the AZ sun that it takes a little while longer for it to blow cool than the front. Since it compressor is always on could you just be low on freon?

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Getting under the right rear of the van, feel the A/C lines. One should be warm (supply), the other cold (return). If this is true. then the rear evaporator should be cold.
The rear HVAC housing has electric stepper motors driving the temperature blend door (cool/warm) and the air mode door (side/headliner vents).
If the temperature changes a little, the module may need calibration with the scan tool (StarScan, StarMobile, etc). If the temperature doesn't change at all, the door may be stuck or broken. Have someone select the temp from cold to hot while you listen for door movement on low fan. Better yet a visual inspection of the door may be needed. The right rear trim panel is removable.
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