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2008 pt cruiser help. No start after replacing tipm

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I have a 2008 pt cruiser non turbo hardtop. Keep getting code 0822. Changed both input and output speed sensors. Problem persisted and car keeps going into limp mode. Check grounds, and all harnesses going to tipm. All checked out good. Had tipm sent out to be diagnosed and it came back good. Installed tipm as per shops instructions and now car won't crank. Re learned the security by using fob to lock and unlock doors 10 times. Still won't start. Turn key and just get a noise but starter is not engaging. Anyone have a clue?
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Have you checked for bent pins in the connector or module ends, or spread pins?
Yes. They are all good. Tight and not bent or corroded
I found a couple of videos on that fault code, you may have already seen them. Here's a link.
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