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The service procedure to remove directs one to remove it from the bottom which requires removing a structural piece. I was able to remove the starter from the top.

To do so requires removing the grill. There are 2 fasteners at the top of the grill that need to be removed. The grill slides up and unhooks from the front fascia.

There are 2 or 4 fasteners holding the upper radiator support in place at the top. Remove these fasteners and the radiator/fan assembly can be tipped forward to allow sufficient room to remove the starter from the top.

The one bolt at the bottom of the starter will need to be removed from the bottom. Once the starter is loose, it can be maneuvered past the fan while pulling the fan/radiator assembly forward.

There is not much room so patience is required. Pay note to the ground wire attached by the upper bolt.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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