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2008 PT wont start

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Hey guys im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has come across with this issue...

I bought my girlfriend a 08 PT non turbo, the car has to be towed from a farm in Texas, the first issue was the timing belt broke so i replaced the whole timing kit (one of the most difficult timing belt jobs ive done) and i when i turned on the key the lights on the dash and everything went on as normal but the car wont crank.

So maybe it is the fuse or starter relay but no, i had my girlfriend cranking it from inside while i was at the starter wire signal to jump it from battery+ and the car starts. So far so good right? (y)then i went after the ignition switch, removed it and the slot where the ignition actuator goes in looks good, also i removed the ignition housing and the cylinder key and they are fine too.

After all that i put everything back togehter unless the ignition switch (with the electrical connector plugged only) i put the key in the RUN position and with a small screwdriver i turned the slot in the ignition switch into the start position and the car started 馃榾.

So here i am right now trying to figuring out if it is the WCM aka SKREEM beacuse ive found a Bulletin from Chrysler saying that the WCM module lock ups due to something about electrostatic with the key. ive also tried removed the IOD fuse for about 30 seconds or so to restart the WCM but it didnt work.

Anything can be useful... thank you so much for your help guys!!
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If you鈥檝e got a problem with it recognizing the chip key, the red security led would be lit. Is it?
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