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2009 Jeep Wrangler Throttle Body Cleaning Procedure

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What is the correct way to clean the throttle body on an 09 Jeep Wrangler w/3.8L V6? It has the electronic throttle control. Some say remove the throttle body while others recommend against cleaning to avoid damaging the electronic throttle control system. Can the throttle plate be moved manually without damaging the electric motor? TIA...Pete
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It really shouldn't need cleaning as a matter of maintenance like the old throttle bodies. At key-on, the throttle blade motor cycles a wipe of the bore with the blade for any restricting carbon build up.
An aerosol throttle body solvent can be used for bore/blade and vacuum fitting/port clean up, but avoid the throttle motor area.
Thanks IC. Can the blade be moved manually to clean behind it?
Pete - have you tried a bottle of Techron in the fuel tank? I try to run a bottle in every 5-6,000 miles.
I wouldn't move the throttle blade manually. They aren't meant to be. The scan tool may be able to actuate it wide open for test purposes.
I don't know if a helper pushing on the gas pedal with the key on will open it for you.
Is there an actual idle quality or stalling concern tied in with this ETC? If not, I would leave it alone.
You should be able to watch the blade sweep the bore at key on.

Techron makes good periodic fuel system maintenance.
No problems. Just something I have done on my other cars as regular maintnenance. I'm not going to mess with it. I do use a bottle of Techron once per year.
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