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Only problems related to performance was to replace last year Idle Air Inlet valve...but this weekend,with "0" indications or warnings, and perfect temps, etc, the car while shifting (not being raced or stressed), started with serious "Knocks" shaking the entire drive train until I eased off the accelerators and turned OFF the AC......the card responded almost immediately and continued running (at a much slower speed).
Once home, I retrieved the following codes using a old OBD-II reader:
P-0340 Camshaft Position message
P-0700P System Low Voltage or Transmission Control System Malfunction
P-0562P System Low Voltage
The one detail that caught me off-guard was once home, I left the engine cool down and in the am, was left with a dead battery...ended up doing a jump-start to get it going! Each day I watch for signs of a dead battery (the local Advance Auto Parts store ran a complete diagnostic on Battery, Starter & Alternator, buy with held any recommendation other that getting a a local shop to run a full diagnostics program).
I keep thinking that this entire story is linked to a faulty Camshaft Position switch....but if so, why the Transmission Code P-0700-?
I have reset the codes and each time that I take the care through the paces of acceleration, I repeat the problems outlined here.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to the forum Paul.

Camshaft Position sensor won't cause a dead battery unless there is some way it is shorting out, but even then, the wiring would not have any power going through it to discharge the battery when sitting. I think this is a mis-code, but I think the charging system is the actual problem. The noise with the AC on may be part of the problem, possibly something more to do with something stuck in the alternator or AC belts themselves, or something got sucked into the bottom of the car and has damaged some wires, alternator, belts, something like that. If there is belt damage on the alternator, unless you look closely you don't see it, along with something just flying into it, etc.. With that, the codes boil down to not necessarily a charging problem but a lack of ability to charge, low voltage may make the camshaft sensor read faulty due to a lack of voltage, same with the 0700, the selonoids in the trans require electric power, low power means they won't be functioning properly.

Does the AC still work or does the noise/symptoms still come up (with or without the noise)?
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