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I want to take a moment to post this problem and see if others have had this issue and how did you repair it? Down here in the south we have had the wettest summer ever. Last weekend it rained many inches, and my wife was out in the truck during that. When we un loaded the truck we discovered that the underseat storage bin had about two inches of water in it. It is designed such that the sub woofer did not ruin.
I finally found the problem, a leaky seal around the light in the roof above the rear glass. Of course the rear seats had to come out along with every thing else. This was several hours of labor and three days to get it all dry. It is ridiculous that a couple of dollar seal and cheap plastic could possibly ruin a very nice expensive truck. IMO Ram should at a minimum send all owners a note to warn of this problem and describe the proper repair even if they don't pay for it. That is just good customer service. BTW, from looking around on the internet I find that a few others have written about this as well as owners of other trucks. Seems to be a fairly common problem.
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Take any pics?
I believe there was a recall for that light seal.
Also, if you have a Chassis/Cab, or HD model with roof clearance lights, you can have the same issues.
All from the Daimler Era, cost and corner cutting.
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