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2010 Allpar at Chryslers at Carlisle

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Chryslers at Carlisle is one of North America's biggest Mopar events, along with the Mopar Nationals in Ohio and the Moparfest in Ontario. Unique to the US is the club orientation, where clubs are invited to participate and are given free tents if they have over 24 people signed up. Allpar has never had to pay for a tent.

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Some of the Carlisle events

In addition to the usual complement of big-name racers and rodders, the All-Chrysler Nationals featured a seminar by former Chrysler stylist John Samsen on "Designing the Mopar Musclecars." He and his wife spent most of the weekend in building T, meeting and greeting fans.

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A Wraith car was shown at Carlisle (its counterpart is in the Walter P. Chrysler Museum), along with the Wraith suit. Bob Ackerman, the chief designer of the Dodge M4S, was there too, with memorabilia of the car. The car does not have the correct engine at this point, but the owner intends for it to be restored properly in the near future.

A new display was the "barn finds" building; continuing was the retro dealership and the massive swap meet.

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Where was the tent again?

Furniture Chair Folding chair Community World

We are once again positioned on the far, far end of the field, about as far from the main gate as you can get, but close to the Survivors tent - which is a large tent with red and white stripes. Our tent was larger than last year. We hope to be closer to the main action next year.

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Lessons learned

What didn't work so well
  1. Don't try to give GM stuff to a Mopar crowd.
  2. Community dinner locations should be chosen early and made clear along with times.
What worked
  • Community lunches - thanks, Daytona Dan and Theresa O'Neill.
  • Fresh water, little flags on the cars, extra chairs, an extra table. 50 cups were enough.
  • Having two judges with different viewpoints discussing each car works well and makes the trophy tour faster. It still takes at least two hours.

The Golden Throttle Body Award went to Bob Lincoln, who has provided a prodigious amount of help to Allpar members as well as to Allpar's technical pages.

The Golden Compressor Award went to Bob O'Neill. This was actually a one-off for keeping cool under pressure; the air conditioner compressor was cleaned, painted, and affixed to the finished wood by Bob Lincoln. Bob O'Neill was not expecting a Golden Compressor...

Bumper Umbrella Grille Luxury vehicle Award

The High Mileage Award went to... the member who travelled the longest distance; please contact us if you know his name!

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There was a clear winner for "best Allpar product placement" - "Daytona Dan" Peterson, who also provided the barbeque lunch on Saturday. He bought this Daytona for his daughter and when she didn't need it any more, his wife thought they should sell it; he figured the price it would bring was not close to its value and chose to fix it up and keep it. It remained in the family though on Sunday, a fellow traveler showed up at the tent and said he'd make Dan an offer he couldn't refuse. We don't know if Dan was able to refuse it.

Land vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Hood Automotive parking light

When we were walking through Carlisle, one car stood out as clearly the most interesting. In 2009, you may recall this award going to a gentleman with a black Magnum that had no apparent door handles or gas cap. This time, the first words out of everyone's mouth on seeing Bill Arendes' red AMX were, "Is that aftermarket?" The Allpar editor first thought the grille must be aftermarket - it didn't seem to fit properly and was a very unusual design for the 1970s. (It was stock.) Then he thought the side pipe shields must be aftermarket because of the way they were attached and the general look. (They were stock.) Then he kept his mouth shut.

Jim admired the shiny textured dash appliqué, and the overall look and feel of the car. It's not a perfect restoration, it's a daily driver; but every judge immediately placed it at the top of the "most interesting car" category without hesitation.

Motor vehicle Steering part Steering wheel Vehicle door Classic car

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The other award winners:

  • Best truck: Paul Reiter (Dodge Dakota)
  • Best Daytona: not surprisingly, Greg McCausey, writer of the Daytona book
  • Best classic car: Bruce Cassavar, 1977 Dodge Charger Daytona
  • Forum master's choice: Craig Ham, 2006 Dodge Charger
  • Best mods: Stephen Sure's Dodge Challenger
  • Best interior: Michael Valentine's Dodge Daytona

Jim Choate and David Zatz agreed on the Allpar Celebrity Pick car: Leonard Richmond's 1966 Dodge Charger. It was a very high mileage car with an estimated 190,000 miles, still used as a "driver," with a mileage and maintenance log scrupulously kept by both the original owner and by Leonard, who did his own restoration job on it. Jim fell for the car, coming as it did from a time when "they got everything right." It had design features to catch your eye, and design features to keep owners in love after they bought it.

Motor vehicle Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Steering part Mode of transport Steering wheel Vehicle

Vehicle Land vehicle Car Automotive exterior Classic car

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Motor vehicle Tire Mode of transport Vehicle Photograph

Trophies and awards

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Trophies (plus dash plaques for the first 40 people!)
  1. Forum Master's Choice
  2. Best Classic Car
  3. Best Modern Car
  4. Top Truck
  5. Top Daytona
  6. Best Interior
  7. Most Interesting
  8. Best Allpar Product Placement
  9. Going the Distance (a most unusual trophy this year!)
  10. Golden Throttle Body Award (already assigned!)
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