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2010 chrysler 300 with 2.7 engine....

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i recently bought a chrysler 300 w 2.7 engine ..getting 24-27.5 the there any problems yet with 2.7 engines blowing or has this been corrected by chrysler..? chrysler owner since 1972
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Welcome to Allpar, Roy. I don't know for certain, but I THINK that they got the oil issues solved with the 2.7 well before 2010. I think you'll be okay with yours, but someone who knows will probably be along before long and either confirm or deny.
Issues were resolved with this engine about 10 years ago.
The wife and I looked at a black on black 2005 300 with the 2.7L. It was enough engine for stately motoring and the driving dynamics of the 300 were wonderful on the highway. We weren't looking for the Hemi 'C'.
It would be my powertrain of choice and the used car price was very reasonable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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