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I remember reading a bit of it when the site wasn't a pure forum, but after I saw the article, I question just how serious someone actually thought of that.
If I remember right, that "picture" was taken in 2010, and I don't know if replacing the hatchback Caliber with a Lancer was going to be a good choice, to be honest with you.

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A DiamondStar? We pretty much stopped doing business after the 2006 slow-selling Sebring/Stratus coupes.
Mitsubishi quality had tanked and DSM was slowly dying.
I hope Rivian does better. From the wiki:

Departure of Chrysler[edit]
Initially Diamond-Star Motors was a 50-50 joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi. However, in 1991 the Japanese company purchased its partner's interest, and thereafter the manufacture of Chrysler vehicles was on a contractual basis. Chrysler sold its equity stake to Mitsubishi in 1993, and Diamond-Star Motors was renamed Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing America (MMMA) on July 1, 1995.[3] Despite the departure, the two companies have maintained various co-operative manufacturing agreements since and considered all vehicle produced until 1995[9] as Diamond Star Motors.

Formerly, the plant produced vehicles using the American-developed Mitsubishi PS platform, including the Endeavor, Galant, and Eclipse. An expansion in 2003 enlarged the plant to 2,400,000 sq ft (220,000 m2).[10] In mid-2012, the plant began producing the Mitsubishi RVR platform sold in United States as the Outlander Sport. Approximately 1,900 people worked in the highly mechanized plant, alongside approximately 1,000 robots.

In July 2015, Mitsubishi announced that it would end production at the plant in Normal. The plant had been operating well below capacity for several years. In 2014, it produced just over 61,000 vehicles out of a capacity of 240,000 vehicles annually. Production would shift to Japan, with Mitsubishi importing all vehicles sold in North America. Mitsubishi said it would try to sell the plant to preserve jobs, but that the plant would be closed by November if no buyer was found.[11] Ultimately a buyer was not found in time, and production ended on the 30th of November. Most of the workers (900 out of 1200) were let go on that date, with the rest staying to build replacement parts until the final closure of the plant in May 2016.[12] Eventually the plant was sold to Maynards Industries, an auctioning and liquidation firm, with ownership to transfer June 1, 2016.[13]

Currently, the facility is owned by American electric vehicle startup Rivian, which in 2017 acquired the plant and its contents for $16 million.

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