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2010 PCP Challenger Upgrades....

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Good day everyone. I will be doing some upgrades on my car and will keep them posted here + all the problems I encounter....
1st this little mission of mine got moved ahead of my schedule to to the fact deer's don't yield right of way very well.

I'm looking at various super stock and T/A hoods and will make my decision by weeks end.
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well to start ...there was $12,000 damage to the front end....nothing important, just hood , fender, driver door, entire front fascia,
and numerous sub panels behind....will not effect / affect how the car is structurally.
Work at the body shop has started..these guys have been in business for 45 years...went to school with some of them...many moons ago...

Going with the

Will be sending the rear rims out to get widened to 10" to mount Goodyear Eagle RS/A 295 40 20's on the back.
Then relocating the windshield wiper nozzles into the wiper arms...I hear there are kits for that...

followed by torque converter , 3:92 gears , possibly changing solenoids for the tranney if I can get a good deal on them...
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