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2010 Ram 1500 4.7 engine please

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I have a 2010 ram Truck I purchased a few months ago. I bought it from a gentleman who had health issues and didn't really drive it....kept it in his garage most of the time. It only had 8000 miles on it. It now has 9000 miles on it. The issue is when I start it (cold or hot) it has a random knocking that comes and goes when sitting in idle mode. Sounds like a GM piston slap sound, or a lifter knock.

It is def not the fuel injectors, as I can hear them. It sounds like it's coming from the bottom of the engine....I am getting a stethascope later today to isolate it further. I realize it is under warranty, and had it at the dealer for some tie rod recall issues, and mentioned it as well, and all I got was the usual "it's normal for that engine" and Dodge won't do anything about noises unless it fails.

Having been doing mechanical work for many years, I am familiar with most mechanical components, so yeah, any help would be appreciated as it is embarassing to have a pretty next to new truck sounding like a diesel at idle, and people commenting on how bad it sounds. Any help is appreciated.
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Welcome to Allpar. After you mentioned it, was it documented on the repair order?
Even if they wrote 'normal' after the documented concern it is still documented. Any help from Chrysler must start with a paper trail, even if nothing is done about it at this time.

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Absolutely, I made certain it was noted for that very reason....this isn't my first rodeo with dealership service departments.....I know a good paper trail is important, and my incoming "list" of concerns was both emailed AND hard copied to the service writer. Just annoying to have this issue, and their "as long as it runs it's ok" can be sure if I was trading it in, it wouldn't be "normal".
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