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On 6/11/12 I took my Charger to the dealer for the airbag light being on.
They examined it and found a faulty wire harness in the passenger seat for the airbag sensing system.
Because the whole airbag system was dissabled, they had to give me a loaner.
The service manager warned me this could take up to two weeks because they have wire harnesses on backorder.
About two hrs after I brought my car in, a 2nd Charger was brought in from the local Enterprise car rental.

Well, two weeks go by, they replace the wire harness, but the airbag light was still tripping.
Dealer called and said they found a 2nd faulty wire harness in the seat.
Dealer's response is they couldn't BELIEVE the amount of wiring for these seats.
They said this one is also back ordered and to please keep using their rental car.

After the July 4th holiday, the service manager called with an "interesting" update.
He said that the local factory zone rep was "abruptly replaced" by Chrysler and that he had a lunch meeting with the new zone rep who spilled some beans and was showed more resolve for the issue.
According to this new zone rep, there are over 200 variants of airbag wire harnesses for the current LX cars. My versions are no longer used in production, besides the supplier is only making enough for the "just in time" pace of the Brampton plant.
The service manager said that the rep told him he is now actively pressing the harness supplier to make MORE harnesses because there are some LX cars piling up in the field that are undrivable due to this issue, and Detroit is pissed.

That was last week, 7/9/12.

Today is 7/17/12 and I've learned that my car is now eligible for the Connecticut state Lemon Law; being out of service for 30 days on a vehicle of 2yrs/24,000 miles or less. I have started my Lemon Law paperwork.
I have written a letter to Chrysler about the situation and that I intend to start Lemon Law claims. This letter was also copied to the dealership (who has actually been wonderful and candid in all of this mess).

Has anyone else with a 2011+ LX car experienced such an issue???
It's gotten OLD now and I want my car back.

For those wondering, my dealer loaner has been a 2011 Caliber with the 2.0L.
Nice car......much better than they used to be.....but what a pig on the highway, jeez.

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Thanks Mick.
Yes I'm going to pursue the Lemon Law arbitration.
At the very least, i want a couple months worth of loan payments out of this. It's absurd to make payments on a car sitting at the dealer.
I should have the forms ready today.

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Well we just had a series of bad hail storms go through New England today.
I'm driving up to the dealer right away after work.
If there is ANY hail damage I'm changing my LL paperwork to "new car." :angry2:

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I met with my dealer's "new" Chrysler zone rep. He was extremely nice about the whole thing.
I went in expecting to have to defend my position, but he took charge right away and said they would replace the car or do a cash buyout.
He said the factory has likely changed suppliers, but those new parts are not compatible with my car. And the original supplier might not have parts till August!

I'm replacing the car with a 2012.
Besides, it'll be a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a little extra and get a car with a few more goodies that I couldn't get at time of original purchase. That NAV, backup cam and Sirius TravelLink pack is looking mighty interesting.

It's been hard searching for newer cars. I want 18" wheels so I don't have to worry about the EXTREME 20" replacement tire cost down the road. Plus I have 18" snow tires. But almost all the RTs in my area have the freakin' Wheels n Tunes pack. :thumbsdown:

Everyone at work has been aware of my issue and have been poo pooing Dodge pretty hard after Jul 4.
So this is a great way for CC to save some face and help me out. Everyone was impressed they're going to do the swap :)

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I had a 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited that was lemoned. My dealer and regional rep. from Chrysler was very supportive and helped me with all the paperwork. It's just the waiting process with the paperwork that was the bad part.
Yeah! They actually fixed my original car already and the paperwork took almost two weeks! I still declined my original car. It's got bad juju now.
Finally got a call from the dealer Tuesday afternoon saying they're working on the paperwork and will aquire the car from Staten Island. So whenever that's wrapped up.
So the car should be ready for me to pick up..........4pm on Friday, right before I have to go to the airport. LOL

I have to say also, from the Service Mgr. to the new Chrysler rep, the PEOPLE involved have been wonderful in this horribly annoying situation.
If I had any other service manager, I don't know if things would've gone as well. I've been very lucky.

Glad they did ya right with your Jeep as well. Chrysler's come a long way.
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