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2011 durango crew electrical issues

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I have a 2011 crew and since the day I first road tested it I loved it. Except for one prob with right front door.The auto up and door lock/unlock buttons and night illumination dont work properly. when you open the right door and try to lock the doors with that switch, they dont lock. when you open the door at night so someone can get out, the illumination blinks on & off, at times when you lift on the right or left master window switch the auto up function doesnt work you have to hold the switch up to close the window. I had it to the dealer two times in the year that Ive had the vehicle and they replaced two harnesses for the right door.the problem still exists and the dealer said "they all do that, we tried the rest of the durangos on the lot and they are all the same".
Any suggestions?
Thank you Dennis
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