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If you need to verify 'that they all do that', choose a Durango on the lot and try to reproduce the same symptoms yourself. The dealer should have no problem with you doing this to alleviate any concerns. Were the front door harnesses replaced to fix this?
A blinking LED on a door switch may be indicating a fault code stored in the door module (both front doors have their own door module). Or it may indicate a refusal to carry out an 'illegal' command because of other situations that the body control software prevents.
Read the part in the owners manual about re-training the front window 'Express up' feature. This may have to be done if the battey goes dead or is disconnected for some reason.
The power locks may not lock with a door open and the key in the ignition. This is to prevent keys from being locked in the vehicle.
Try this on another Durango.
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