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2011 Wrangler Sport

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Where is the fuel filter? Got a friend who poured old boat gas (full of water) into his Jeep!
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Sadly, it isn't that simple. There is a primary fuel strainer that is part of the fuel pump in the tank. There may be a secondary, finer filter/fuel pressure regulator assembly that is also part of the pump. Nothing external.
The tank will have to come down if water has contaminated the fuel anyway. The tank should be emptied and your arm should fit in the fuel pump hole for wiping the inside of tank dry after rinsing with isopropyl alcohol to suck up any residual water.
I see no aftermarket pumps, regulators or filters listed for this 2011 Wrangler on the internet. It may be dealer only and only serviced as a pump assembly. A build date may be needed.
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