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2012 200 Touring - Just Hit 220k

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New to the page, name is Mike and I own a 2012 Chrysler 200 Touring with the 2.4L and 62TE transmission, only owner of the car. Drove it off the lot with 11 miles on it, just under 7 years later she has just over 220k miles. Only work I have had to do up to 199,000 miles included the basics - oil/filter changes, one transmission flush/refill, spark plugs, and air filters, one new battery, and one new set of O2 sensors. Of course, I have had to replace worn suspension parts (shocks, struts, sway bar links, tie rods ends, ball joints) on the front and rear end. None of which I view as being out of the normal for a well driven daily driver.

Recently, I decided it was time to give the old girl a makeover. I drained all the fluids and refilled all with new fluid(coolant, engine oil, trans fluid, power staring fluid, and yes - even wiper fluid) and replaced with all new gaskets and filters where required. I put all new ignition coils and spark plugs, replaced both transmission cooler lines, brand new alternator, water pump, upper and lower idler pulleys, new thermostat, PCV valve, new Air Intake Temperature Sensor. I also discovered an oil leak from the timing cover, so I pulled the timing cover off, got the old RTV silicon off and resealed with new RTV and replaced the crankshaft seal on the timing cover. Put everything back together very thoroughly and took my time getting everything correct and properly torqued according to ALLDATA.
This evening, I was finally ready to start her up again, she fired right up first time. I am left with one issue which I was aware of to start with but am having a little trouble completing.

The 62TE transmission requires the special dipstick combined with reading the transmission temperature live, comparing both readings with Chryslers chart and adjusting the fluid level accordingly. Got that covered! All except......

I cant seem to locate the transmission temperature readings on my scanning tool, which is the Bosch OBD-1150 Info Scan. Anyone able to shed some light? Or even some figures that will get me in the ballpark?

Right now, the car is showing the code P0841 Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor/Switch A Circuit Range/Performance - which I can only assume is being tripped by low transmission fluid level since I've started the motor and let idle to running temps (NOT DRIVEN).
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I have used an IR temp gun to read them, I know not as accurate as it should be but better than nothing and also this: not the same as yours but might be able to use as a guide....


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Welcome to Allpar. See the fluid check procedure down the page here:
Install Guide - 62TE - Chrysler (Automatic Transmission) (at )
I use a flexible piece of clean, old speedometer cable for a dipstick. Slide it down the tube until you hear/feel the 'thunk' as it hits the pan bottom (go no further). Pull it out and measure the wet end. You might want to do a couple of trials to get an accurate measurement.
I bought a cheap IR laser-pointer temp scanner gun from Harbor Freight. I have found numerous other uses for it around the house and shop.
Use ATF+4 meeting Chrysler MS-9602 only. Walmart SuperTech is the real ATF+4.
Chrysler TSB # 18-080-16 will provide better shift quality and other improvements, if it hasn't been performed yet:

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Thanks for the responses yall. I have a $180 Bosch Info Scan OBD 1150 model diagnostic reader that should allow me to read and view the different types of data in real time as the car is running. I just simply cannot seem to locate the function on the scanner to get it to show the live temperature data for the transmission. I believe I'm overlooking it, or simply misunderstanding the scan tool. I have also purchased the dipstick tool for measuring the fluid in the dipstick tube, and I also have the Chrysler factory graph for the trans temp and fluid measurement fill levels. I just need to figure out how to get the trans temp to show on my scanner.

Update: I filled about another half a quart of atf+4 fluid in and then scanned the car again. The previous "permanent" code "P0841 transmission fluid pressure" now shows the same code as "pending" and my check engine light is now also turned off.

I'm assuming now that it is "pending" I need to drive it for a period of time to allow the computer to diagnose the code as fixed or if the car will again pop the same code because the issue wasnt fixed. Unfortunately, we just got burried in over a foot of snow so I'm unable to drive for a day or two.

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Yes, you'll have to drive a certain number of "trips" before the stored code is erased.

We are getting buried by "Gia". About 4" so far. Expecting another 6"-8" by tonight. First good snow we've had in a few years. Last winter we barely received 4" total.

Other than taking my daughter to work, I don't plan on going anywhere. I'll be watching football all afternoon.
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