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One of the girls I work with just got a 2012 Jeep Liberty. It beeps the horn when you use the key fab to lock the door but there doesn't seem to be an alarm. Is there a way to program the 'computer' to alarm should someone get into the car without using the key fab to unlock the car?

In other words, if the car didn't have the alarm when she got it how can she have an alarm (factory) or should she get a Viper or something?

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One way to check the alarm function is to roll the driver's window down, close all doors and lock them with the key fob lock button.
Waiting a moment or two and then reaching in through the open window and opening the door with the inside handle. If the vehicle is alarmed, it should set off the horn and lights. You can end the alarm by cycling the lock/unlock with the fob.
If I have the last 8 of the VIN, I can see what the vehicle came with in the way of a security system. Nowadays it is so easy to program it into a module, that most modern vehicles now have them at little extra cost.
My wife has a 2011 Liberty that I put the Mopar remote start into. The dealer had to reconfigure the TIPM to add the option over the ethernet with Chrysler. Once the module was told that it was now equipped with the option, everything worked.
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