Update: it now appears that the appearance of the 2012 Viper on dealer ordering systems was an error, most likely, as our source suggests (and we have to agree), based on using the 2011 models as a basic framework for setting up the new system. Either way, the Viper is now gone from ordering systems.
Canadian Dodge dealers' ordering systems now show the 2012 Dodge Viper , according to a source. Information is scarce, but there are both SRT10 Convertible and SRT10 Coupe versions available, with the single 8.4 liter V10 engine. The coupe can be purchased in ACR trim; the convertible has a Final Edition Group, and there's also an Aero Group.

Previously a source had said that there would be a Viper Venom model; this may be forthcoming, or it may have been dropped due to conflicts with Hennessy's use.

Vipers are apparently not visible on American dealers' systems.

These renderings are speculative and may not be accurate.