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2013 1500 Crew Cab

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We are looking at buying a 2013 SLT Crew Cab 2 WD. Want the air ride suspension, which is not available until March. Was told by a salesman that is was only going to be available on the 4WD. In looking at the sales brochure and online, I cannot find where that is true. Is there any way to find out for sure, direct from the factory?
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I've also been told when I ordered my Laramie, that the air suspension will only be available for the Laramie till the 2nd quarter. I have contacted Ram Trucks about this, and they only repeated what is the the PR and brochure, that the air suspension is available on all trim with Crew or Quad Cab configurations
But I also read here, I think, that there is also an issue with the supply
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