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2013 Chrysler Press Kits and Giveaways

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In 2012, we started providing a clear photographic record of Chrysler's press materials and giveaways for the benefit of future generations, or for absent-minded editors of the current generation. This year, we are continuing that tradition.

New York Auto Show

Though the show was all about the 2014 Jeep Cherokee and Dodge Durango, in my opinion, the Mopar press kit stole the show - at least, the press kit part of the show. The SRT Viper TA was there, but the Mopar people had numerous "oil can" press kits - so cool, a bunch of Ford reps raided the Chrysler area and grabbed six of them for themselves. Not good neighbors!

Product Motor oil Water Ink Fluid

Okay, so they looked cool on the outside, but that wasn't the whole story. The 2013 Mopar press kits looked like regular oil bottles, but unscrew the cap and open it, and you get some serious goodies: a snazzy Mopar pad was the least of it. There was a pen that expanded to become full sized, a snazzy looking USB thumb drive in a chrome holder, and, most of all, a metallic-blue precision screwdriver with interchangeable (magnetic) bits - all stored underneath the cap. Just the thing for taking apart and fixing consumer electronics and other things with tiny fasteners. I wonder if there's a Mac-compatible Torx bit in there?


Moving on, we have the Cherokee and Durango kits. Both were relatively lightweight, a boon for those carrying all sorts of things around; the Cherokee kit followed the "Motown" theme by being record-sized and including a book with record grooves printed on it, which unfolded to look like a double album. The presentation probably confused many of the newer writers, but not all of us were raised on CDs or iTunes.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Sport utility vehicle

When opened, the Cherokee kit showed a classic original-Cherokee grille - the kind Wagoneer was using in those days, on some trim levels - which one of the Chrysler Communications people said, with conviction, was the inspiration for the "bent" grille on the Cherokee. Personally, I don't think they were looking to the past; I think they were trying to figure out how to fit slots into a very small space without looking ridiculous (some readers will chime in "more ridiculous," but that's just their opinion, it looks good in person.)

Bumper Auto part Vehicle Fashion accessory Car

The de rigeur flash drive is in there, too. Sooner or later, they'll switch over to URLs, I suspect, but not yet. The printed books are still given out; eventually, I'm thinking the printed books will get shorter, and instead of having all the press material, will have selected bits for those who aren't covering Chrysler in depth, but want a quick idea of what's going on. The in-depth writers probably use the PDFs anyway.

Moving on, the rear has the "song list."

Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Personal luxury car Automotive wheel system

Moving on to the Durango, the caption tells the story.

Technology Vehicle Electronic device Car Emblem

Chicago Auto Show

The ProMaster press kit was designed to look like a UPS/FedEx courier box, while the Mopar kit came in an oil bottle.

Text Logo Emblem Vehicle Font

Vehicle Transport Car Automotive exterior Commercial vehicle

Font Logo Sign Symbol Number

Product Bottle Water Alcohol Drink

As an aside, here's one of the GM giveaways:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Model car Toy vehicle

Detroit Auto Show

Games Technology Card game Electronic device Recreation

Small appliance Kitchen appliance Machine

Vehicle Car Minivan Vehicle door Advertising

Auto part Font Fashion accessory

Technology Electronic device

Text Font Paper Material property Book

Font Technology Electronic device Vehicle Car

Rectangle Font

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