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2013 Dodge Dart

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Hello, my name is Mike and I'm from Sun City Arizona. I own the Dart limited, w/manual trans. I just added the race track lights to the car along with lights under the car. I also added some LED red rights under the driver and passenger sides. Those extras have really made the car very noticeable. My next thing is some grill lights.
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I have had a Dart Limited 1.4 auto about 2 months. It is Laguna Blue w/the off white leather interior. The blue isn't close to the dealers offical color chip.It's almost a baby blue. I ordered it Oct 6th and picked it up Dec 28th. It sat in shipped to storeage for about 7+ weeks. I finally called the plant managers secretary and got it moving - every so slowly though. She was delightful and got back to me within 2 hours. A really nice lady.

No one has given me a real reason for the delay, always it must be missing a part.
The car is my wife's car. We ordered everything except discharge headlites and super speakers.

Now the good news-we love it,great on the road,around town,and it really projects build quality. Everything worked properly from day 1. Mileage is 28 - 30ish on mid grade fuel. Everything from switchgear to ride shouts quality. The DDCT did take a little getting used to, it can be a little lumpy at times.

I would recomment the Dart to family and friends.
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