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2013 Grand Cherokee Larado Purchase

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This past weekend my wife and I became new members of the 'Jeep' family in a 2013 Grand Cherokee Larado. Myself as a life long MOPAR nut (hope my list isn't too indulgent), going back to my first car a '70 Dodge Polara 318cid (hand me down from my dad to my sister to me), a 76' Cordoba (360cid with 'Aztec' interior), '69 Charger 383cid (bought for $300 in '87, guy thought it had a cracked block when it was just rotted freeze plugs), '71 Challenger 318cid later replaced by a cammed up 340 (my all time favorite car), '88 Daytona, '90 Daytona Shelby Z, '98 Avenger ES, 2001 Stratus, 2003 T&C, 2003 Dakota 4x4 Club Cab 4.7cid through to my latest MOPAR, well, almost MOPAR in a 2007 Crossfire Limited.

Never had I entertained the Jeep lineup since Chrysler started producing them (or even before) until I watched a TV magazine do a segment on the 2011 GC and I remember being very impressed with the newly redesigned interior.

Fast forward to this past weekend, my wife was set for new 200 hard top convt but after driving one and not being as impressed as she had hoped, the salesman brought out every car on the lot. The entire day spent driving everything, including an SRT8 Challenger!!!, we were about to pack it in and mull over the days activities, when the salesmen said "you guys haven’t driven my personal favorite car on the lot! Wait here", a few minutes later he pulls up in a 2013 GC Larado. The test drive sold us within the first few miles. I am so impressed with this vehicle. The interior material quality, ride characteristics, Pentastar performance, fit and finish etc. Supurb.

I tend to over research everything, esp cars and looking at the competitions car based SUV's and their price points only makes me that much more impressed with the GC.

Now hopefully I can talk my dealer into taking my Crossfire in on a Challenger!