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Other than Allpar's renderings, has anyone come across any spy pics of the 2014 Chrysler 200? By this time last year, we had already seens pics of the Dart. My 2001 Sebring Sedan is getting really old and I need a new sedan soon.

I've heard of production delays with the Tigershark 2.4 liter engine and I was wondering if the car won't be presented until the engine is ready. Detroit or NYC?
It's not nessisarily the engine, but because they dont need it yet. The only vehicle being produced right now that will use it is the Dart, and they delayed the R/T to allocate the resources to meet demand for the volume model Darts. Wether or not there were also complications related to the engine is not 100% known, we'll see where that goes.

Thusfar, no spy pics that we've seen, they usually make it to the site quickly when they do happen to show up.
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