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2014 chrysler 300 and 300c

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I noticed on allpar a rendering of the 300 proposed for summer 2014 as a 2015 model. The car looks awesome. It still has that "bad boy" look with some very unique and a very tastefull refresh. You could tell it was a major refresh and not just a "tweak job" that quoted that the refresh was "out" and the minor tweak job was pointed out further down in the article.

From what I have read the 300 was outselling the cadillace and buick combined. Now you have a completely new Lincoln as well as updated cadillacs and buicks. With slumping sales of the 300 it would be a shame to push back the complete refresh shown. The articel implied that the 300 would have to wait until 2016 or further to share components with the Ghibli.
Trucks and large cars have more profit. If Fiat/Chrysler would proceed with the refresh represented in the picture I am absolutely sure the 300 sales would surge again for a couple years. Putting it off is a huge mistake and continued slumping sales will prove this.

Let me hear what you guys (girls) think?
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The 300 sold in larger numbers in the past because there was a base model. Chrysler abandoned the base market to Charger. I think it is unlikely that the 300 series will ever sell as many as it did when they were in the base market. Those base 300s were the ones with cheap plastic hubcaps that the dealers then swapped rims and grills on. You could get "the look" and drive around in a 2.7 V6 car but that really wasn't the market where Chrysler should be. I think the goal now is fewer units, more exclusivity and more profit per unit. My opinions only.
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