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2014 Ford Transit Chassis Cab

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2014 Ford Transit unveiled in Chassis Cab and Cutaway versions
3.7L V6, a 3.5L EcoBoost V6, or a 3.2L Power Stroke diesel. 6sp auto.

Looks like a nice option to the Sprinter & Ducato.
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Made in the USA, RWD and not ugly, I'm afraid this just ate the Ducato's lunch.
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One thing FWD Ducato can do over RWD is

This is what I had hoped for a PT cruiser truck chassis cab option with the MB2.2L crd.
It would be great for tool box transfer from different work sights, lawn mowers, motor cycles.....
For lawn equipment I'd opt for a tall cage similar to this.

But to fit the other bed + side door openings.
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