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2014 Jeep and Ram concepts: RipTide, Man Van, Outdoorsman, Frostbite

by Patrick Rall

Ram Outdoorsman

The Ram 2500 is one big, bad truck, but at the 2014 SEMA Show, Mopar takes its capabilities one step further for those who want to take their Ram HD into the woods for an outdoor excursion. In addition to the Mossy Oak inspired paint and stripe package, this Moparized Ram wears unique 8 lug wheels wrapped in hardcore offroad tires, front and rear fender flares to accommodate those big wheels and tires, a Mopar leveling kit, Bilstein offroad shocks, a camouflaged bed tent, and a flip-up tailgate seat that was also featured at last year's SEMA Show.

Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive design

This is one wicked looking Ram 2500, but shy of the tailgate seat, you can convert your Ram into this SEMA vehicle with just the Mopar catalog and a good relationship with a body shop paint expert.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Fender Bumper

Ram added: The Ram 2500 Outdoorsman's unique Swamp Thing Green color is augmented by a Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage pattern design is smartly applied to the hood, roof and along the length of the lower body. Three utility hoops used on past SEMA show vehicles as ladder or surfboard racks were reinvented as a bed tent.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive tire Font Automotive decal

Elements pulled from the popular Ram Sun Chaser 2013 SEMA show vehicle include a concept Mopar roof rack and the concept Flip-Up seatback tailgate, which converts into a two-seat bench by folding back toward the cab. The RamBox has a step-assist off the rear bumper helps to access the bed.

Text Photograph White Line Font

The Ram 2500 Outdoorsman sits on Mopar concept 17-inch, eight-lug bead lock wheels, with aggressive 35-by- 12.50-inch R17 Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 B.F. Goodrich tires.

Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Automotive exterior Vehicle

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Blue

Ram ProMaster Man Cave / Hospitality Van

On the outside, this Ram ProMaster looks like it might be delivering parts from your local dealership, but it is actually filled with far more exciting items. To be exact, this big hauler will be packed with six kegs of beer to distribute frosty beverages to those folks who attend the Mopar press conference on November 4th. Each year, Mopar serves up beers and popcorn for folks in their display, but this year they will do so from the back of a ProMaster that has been transformed into a food-truck style vehicle that is - without a doubt - the ultimate tailgating machine [editor's note: and a huge hint to food-truck operators everywhere].

Microphone White-collar worker Speech Hand drum Spokesperson

Mopar added: Modified specifically for the SEMA Show, the Ram ProMaster Hospitality Van is converted into a mobile lounge and equipped with refrigeration to serve refreshing, ice cold beverages from a large swing-open side panel. To focus further on the van's inherent multipurpose utility, interior cabinets, counter displays and merchandise displays are installed in the cargo area of the vehicle boasting the most vertically oriented side walls of any entry in the cargo van category. This makes the Ram ProMaster Hospitality Van perfect for use as a display vehicle and distribution point for merchandise sales.

Motor vehicle Wheel Tire Mode of transport Automotive mirror

Low-gloss black graphics near the base of the Ram ProMaster Hospitality Van are contrasted with Mopar Blue graphics on top.

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Transport Vehicle Land vehicle

Motor vehicle Tire Blue Mode of transport Transport

Jeep Renegade Rip Tide and Frostbite

The Jeep Renegade has been modified in two different ways to both compliment and contrast against each other. One is called the Riptide and takes sun-and-sand approach to a fun weekend trip, while the Frostbite has been customized for someone who spends their weekends heading to the ski slopes.

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Blue

Both of the Moparized Jeep Renegades are predominantly a paint and minor appearance package along with a roof rack of some sort, but they both look good with just the dress-up job. With the unique paint design that covers both the body and the wheels, the sublte decal packages, Mopar roof racks and Mopar rock rails, these custom Jeeps show how easily you can make your Renegade your own without a whole lot of work. They are simple as SEMA vehicles go, but they both look great.

Motor vehicle Blue Automotive exterior Automotive tire Vehicle

From Jeep: Colored in Vibrance Grandeur Blue paint embellished with a Light Blue base, the Renegade Riptide's black painted wheels are eye-catching contrast points. The Jeep Performance Parts logo, playfully tweaked to incorporate a surfer in action, is stamped on the rear body sides. Painted satin black accents adorn the front grille, mirror caps and select areas of the front fascia. Above, a surfboard rests on Mopar carrier racks.

Motor vehicle Tire Wheel Automotive tire Blue

Blue trim enhances the instrument panels and side panels, and is set off with white accents throughout the interior, including on the Jeep logo area of the steering wheel. Front and rear seats and headrests will be dressed in black leather, while teak floor mats work to reinforce the surf's-up motif.

Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive exterior

Reversing the color theme on the Jeep Renegade Riptide, the Frostbite is trimmed in white with blue accents on various exterior areas. Blue wheels with a white outline and a blue grille and mirror caps underline the overall color. The scheme continues inside the vehicle, with Katzkin pearl seats dressed in aqua blue. That same aqua blue hue also fills the perimeter around the doors, as well as the outline of the gearshift and vents.

Tire Motor vehicle Nature Blue Mode of transport

A Mopar ski/snowboard roof rack securely transports cold-weather toys. The Frostbite also is equipped with a Jeep Performance Parts rock rail guard with stamped Jeep logo to defend against any obstacles. Adding additional visual elements, the Jeep Renegade Frostbite features unique hood and rear Jeep Performance Parts graphics, scheduled for future availability as Mopar accessories.

Cherokees and Wranglers

Jeep will also show the Wrangler MOJO, Jeep Maximum Performance, and Jeep Cherokee Dakar at SEMA.

Dodge conceptsChrysler and Fiat concepts

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Mode of transport Automotive design
Concept cars are often made so a car's feel can be evaluated, problems can be foreseen, and reactions of the public can be judged. Some concepts test specific ideas, colors, controls, or materials - either subtle or out of proportion, to hide what's being tested. Some are created to help designers think "out of the box." The Challenger, Prowler, PT Cruiser, and Viper were all tested as production-based concepts dressed up to hide the production intent.

Concept cars • popular: FCGladiator

Chrysler 1904-2018

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